About The LiquaStim System


“It’s simple and very stimulating”

Basically, LiquaStim is the melding of electricity and liquid to achieve some of the most intense orgasms you will ever have.

That being said, the device utilized is called an Encapsulator, I invented it, and it is fully patented.

In short, you utilize a low voltage, low current generating device such as a Electro-Stim power box, TENS unit, or a home made box (customer supplied) hook it up to the Encapsulator and two additional electrodes of your choice placed elsewhere below your waist.

Basically you stick your penis into the Encapsulator, fill it up with liquid, hook it up, and enjoy.

It does not leak under normal use, it uses suction to keep your penis erect during your session and even after orgasm, so you can do it again. E.D. compatible.

The beads you see in some of the pictures and videos are actually magnets. The magnets on the 2 sides of the Encapsulator focus the electro stimulation on to the various parts of the penis, and they are moveable with a similar bead on the exterior of the Encapsulator.

The 4 connections (2 channels) are done through 2 feed throughs that conduct the stimulation into the Encapsulator, through the liquid onto the penis thus stimulating the nerve endings of the penis to orgasm. The other 2 connections that works for me, are done with 2 ferrous metal cock rings, one around the penis and testicles and the other metal ring that goes just around your scrotum, with the other 2 magnets attached. Your electrodes may vary. The “Helper Cap” you see to the left is included and is used to suck a flaccid penis into the Encapsulator.

Can be used as a ED device.


  1. 1.Cap w/feed through

  2. 2.2 Feed throughs

  3. 3.Seal

  4. 4.Power Cables

  5. 5.Helper Cap